Shape not only partners with you during the entire design process, we also develop new products to meet your future needs, providing our customers state-of-the-art components while reducing mass and cost.

Complete Solution:

From concept through design, testing, and production, Shape has the resources to develop a single part or a complex assembly.

Technical Leadership:

Shape is a technical leader in the forming, welding and assembly of ultra high-strength steel, aluminum and other metals, providing our customers with lightweight, high-performance products at competitive prices. Shape is an innovative company.

Highest Level of Service:

Shape is structured to partner with you, providing the best possible service and product, on time, with flawless execution.

Listening, collaborating and leading our clients to successful outcomes have been our goal since our inception. Supporting our clients on asset and economic management of large-scale signage programs, with expertise in industrial design and sustainability, Shape can service everything from single site projects to national multi-site signage programs, and everything in between.

As the world has changed, so have we. We have shaped our company to focus on the issues facing our clients today, and their needs in signage and environmental design. Our team of experienced project managers, industrial designers and account managers are focused on the interests of our clients.

We are switched on to client needs and the needs of the communities we work in. That means being on brand, on time, on to sustainable practices and staying on to the needs of a rapidly changing market.

This is our commitment to our clients and the market.