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Shape is a brand design company with extensive experience in the development of brand design solutions for companies of all sizes, from all industries and from all over the world. Shape work closely with your company to establish your key brand design requirements, ensuring a quality brand design result that is reflective of your company and the target market you wish to attract.
As a specialist brand design company, Shape has created many top brand designs following a proven brand design process to achieve an intelligent and effective final brand. The right company brand can encourage sales, break into new markets, create interest and even inspire staff, adding to productivity. Shape understands the value of a great brand design and work hard to provide superior solutions, tailored to your company's unique needs and values.

Interior / Exterior Architectural Design Implementation

Shape has always been guided by a belief that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, whether that is in the workplace, at home or in the public realm. Allied to that is an acknowledgement that architecture is generated by the needs of people – both material and spiritual – and a concern for the physical context and the culture and climate of place. Equally, excellence of design and its successful execution are central to our approach. Shape believe the best architecture comes from a synthesis of all the elements that separately comprise and inform the character of a building: the structure that holds it up; the services that allow it to function; its ecology; the quality of natural light; the symbolism of the form; the relationship of the building to the skyline or the streetscape; the way you move through or around it; and last but not least its ability to lift the spirits. This holistic approach is augmented by a strong commitment to the clients we serve, and also to the public domain and the many users involved. A high degree of personal service, coupled with respect for the precious resources of cost and time, therefore characterizes our client relationships.

Interior / Exterior Architectural Design Implementation

The scale, diversity and global reach of our new projects were unimaginable years ago, yet many of the issues that excited us in the early days continue to inform what we do today. We work in the spirit of enquiry, challenging preconceptions and testing conventions. The process of 'reinvention' distinguishes all of our work – past and present – and rests on a duty to design well and to design responsibly – whether that is at the scale of a High Rise Building, A Massive Flow Underground or a door handle. The last decades have witnessed key shifts in public attitudes to ecology and energy consumption. We have always anticipated these trends, pioneering design solutions that use totally renewable sources of energy and offer dramatic reductions in CO2 emissions. Environmental awareness is an integral part of the practice's culture as it evolves to meet the challenges of the next forty years.

Web Design


Social media, web, search and digital content are in our DNA. We leverage these skills to find new ways of connecting with audiences and shaping perceptions.
Our model is all about integration. Creative and account departments work hand-in- hand with our web and communication teams.
So whether you need a fully integrated marketing campaign or an online shop front, we're the team you turn to.